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Project Description
TFS 2010 build extensions provides process templates and workflow activities to enable extended build features like automated versioning, signing and documentation on a build definition level.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 provide excellent build capabilities but falls short of enforming uniformity in versioning, signing and related metadata information across artifacts coming out the build. The developers has to ensure that they are using the correct sign key and providing correct metadata in assembly info tags.

TFS 2010 Build Extensions provide custom build process template which used custom workflow activities to enable following..


* Automated Versioning as a part of the build (with version information associated with build definition)
** Supports multiple versions based on versioning rules
** Supports both CS and VB language projects
** Applicable to all Window Forms, Command Line Interface, Web Site and Web applications. (Versioning information in stored in different files for different project types)

* Automated Singing (again specific to build)
** Supports multiple singing rules
** Supports both Sign key and Key Container mode
** Supports options for delay signing

* Automated Documentation (CHM generation) using Sandcastle *

These features are implemented as custom activities which can be used in new or existing build process templates.

User Interface

To capture all of the above metadata information, custom editors are provided which appears as follows..

Custom process template appears as follows...

Collection of metadata rules can be viewed as follows...

Rules can be added as follows:

On invocation, logs view appears as follows..

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